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African Ghosts

By Susan W

Nooitgedacht, South AfricaWhen I was a child on my parents farm in Africa, we heard something amazing.  It only happened for a couple of weeks a year and always the same time of year.  I have never been able to satisfactorily explain it.

We would be sitting downstairs doing homework, around 2pm and we would hear a series of creaks followed by an almighty crash.  We would often race upstairs to see what had fallen, but nothing ever had.

Now it transpires that when the house was being built, two men were working on wooden scaffolds a short distance from where we would later be doing homework.  One day the younger man pushed the elder from the scaffold and he fell to his death.  The reason given was that the elder man was refusing his nephew permission to marry.  The nephew was tried and executed for the crime.

I cannot guarantee that the two are cause and effect, but it's an interesting co-incidence and makes a great campfire tale. Who knows, the scene may yet be re-enacted annually, I'll have to ask my parents who still live there.

Incidentally, the actual spot at which the old man hit the ground and died was approximately 2ft inside my bedroom but I never had any trouble.

The Forest Light

By Michael


When I was about nine years of age I had an encounter with a most amazing phenomenon. There I was sitting outside our front door, perched on the milestone, stargazing as usual, when out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked forever like a torch with weak batteries, moving this way and that as it travelled towards me through the wooded area off to my left.

We lived where three roads met, Rings End as it was called locally, and the road off to the left was a comparatively new construction, and in years gone by, prior to it being built, a traveller would have found it necessary to divert via the high wooded area to skirt a marshy section of low lying land that extended down to the river. As the ball of light approached the road, it remained about fifteen feet in the air and gradually descended to near road level. The embankment had been cut away to facilitate the new road at this point, which, with hindsight, accounted for the light remaining high in the air, obviously it was seeing the geography of the area as it was in its time period.

Now I realised it was no torch, it was not held by any human hand being a self-propelled ball of light about the size of a man’s head, emitting a soft golden glow. As it moved across my field of view, from left to right, I then observed it had a body which resembled an inverted V and reached down approximately two inches above the road. From the "neck" down, a blue light was emitted, similar in hue to blue steel, and spread out downwards to the "waist" like veins or arteries. I noticed that a transparent membrane covered the body, I could see it shimmering like a heat haze effect, and could see the embankment through it.

As the creature moved away from me it reverted back to the torch like ball of light, I noticed the orb had the movement mannerisms typical of a man’s head when walking. At this point, I called my mother out, she promptly declared it was someone with a torch, but if it was, how could she have seen the round shape of the light when it was travelling away from her? I continued to watch as it travelled on up the Old Road, eventually turning left and up the long lane towards a neighbour’s house. Over distance, about three hundred yards, it appeared to emit a blue light similar to that seen from an electric arc welder, the orange glow was gone. Again I called my mother out, and this time she realized it was no torch, and seemed frightened, saying, "there was always talk about that house", meaning in local opinion it was haunted. 

In addition, and based on third party accounts of other peoples encounters with this creature I have established that it covers in excess of one mile on its travels. It demonstrates intelligence in that it negotiates several bends, some of them ninety degree to arrive at its destination. I first saw this creature in 1961 and enquiries established that it has been wandering about for generations before I was born. Not having lived there for more than thirty years I cannot comment on its present day activity, but I see no reason to assume it has ceased its nightly excursions.

I also have reason to think it may be present just beyond the wooded area during the day, a spirit, like the stars cannot be easily seen in bright light, but one can sense and feel a coldness at a particular location, supported by the behaviour of my little dog who refused to travel that road after 17:30 hours, and often sat looking up the road barking and appearing very agitated. I once carried him up towards the location and he went crazy trying to escape from my arms eventually biting me to get away. I stood my ground and he reluctantly made his way back to me, the hair standing on his back and snarling looking at something standing beside and to my left, always ready to run.

Hob Nail Boots

By Michael

I remember my uncle telling the story about the night he was walking home  from a football match down a narrow single track laneway. Behind he heard the sound of hob nail boots, so he stopped and called out for whoever it was to catch up. There was no reply and the footsteps had stopped, nor was there any sign of who it was. He resumed his journey and the footsteps resumed too, so, he thought it was someone acting the eejit and decided to run the quarter mile to the end of the road. He being young and fit there was no way someone wearing hob nail boots could keep up with him. So he took to his heels, laughing to himself at making a fool out of whoever was following him.
When he got to the end of the laneway he was grinning to himself, but over the beating of his heart the sound of hob nail boots were still following. 

He knew there was no way any man wearing boots could have kept up with him, so off he ran again, home was only a few hundred yards away, such was his fear he jumped the fence and almost took the door off the hinges, slamming it shut and sliding the bolt and turning the key. He peeped out the window and saw the gate open, and then something unseen pushed forcefully on the door making it creak and crack. This was the last straw for my uncle, he charged into the bedroom, jumped over his brother to get next the wall, and lay there, clothes and all with the bedclothes over his head.  During the course of the week a member of the clergy was consulted, his view was that it was a test of faith, and if my uncle had faced his pursuer and recited the Lord’s Prayer he would have been left in peace. 



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