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Your true ghost stories are coming. Each month we will feature new ghost stories to keep you on the edge of your seat. These will be your real experiences of ghostly or unexplained encounters with paranormal phenomena. We want you to keep sending them in to us to include right here for us all to enjoy.

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Night Terrors

By Vicky B

Myself, my partner and our two young daughters moved house at the end of July this year. Our first night was very strange as our eldest daughter, Katie aged 6 was awake almost every hour through the night screaming and punching and kicking her bed and wall. We were frustrated and embarrassed as to what our new neighbours would think? I tried to calm her down and find out what was wrong but she was incoherent. Eventually she fell asleep with me sitting beside her.

I went to bed and hoped that was the end of it. The next morning my partner and I were talking about it and I said it was as if she was possessed! Of course I knew that wasn't possible and we put it down to her being unsettled in a strange house. I did ask her about it when she woke up and she said she was sorry and that she had been having nightmares.

A few nights later I had gotten up to go to the bathroom (our bathroom is downstairs next to the kitchen). It was about 1.30 a.m. as I came out of the bathroom and into the kitchen I was stunned to see an old woman standing in front of my cooker. She was as clear to me as a real person, and was wearing a pale blue twinset but I did not see what she had on her lower half. She had grey curly hair and her body was half turned towards me as if I had caught her attention and was looking straight at me. The strange thing is I was not afraid. I stared for a moment then simply went up to bed. I didn't even mention it to my partner until a few days later. When I picture her now it freaks me out a little.

This was nothing compared to what was to come though. A few days passed and one night I was sitting at my PC when I realised the time and decided to go to bed as I was opening up the shop where I work that morning. I went up to bed and set the alarm. As I set it I noticed it was 1.45 a.m and I had to be up at 6.00 a.m. It was my birthday that day and I couldn't believe I had to work on it, but finished setting the alarm and rolled over onto my back.

Night TerrorsI don't quite know how to explain what happened next but, I felt like the quilt was over my face as I could feel a pressure pushing down on it, but that was not the case as I could see all around the room. Something was holding me down, and I was petrified. I could see my partner beside me but my body was paralysed. I wanted to shout out but no words would come. Suddenly I felt a constant rush of wind and can only describe the feeling as being on a rollercoaster with the wind so hard in your face it takes your breath away. It then immediately stopped and I was suddenly able to move. I nudged my partner awake and looked at the clock. it was 1.49 a.m. I told my partner all about it and he cuddled me.

The following week I happened to mention it all to the lady who used to live in our home. She immediately knew what I meant and casually said "Oh yes, It's Mrs Thompson". She told me the history of the house and she had often felt things and heard noises on the landing and stairs. Three people had lived and died in the house over the years. She used to hear footsteps coming across the landing and halfway down the stairs, and she would see a figure in the landing window as she came in the back door. Apparently Mrs Thompson used to sit there and watch the street from the landing window.

I believe she is the one responsible for pinning me down the night of my birthday and maybe the lady I saw in the kitchen.

The Anguished Man

By Sean Robinson

The Anguished ManMy Grandmother had this painting in her attic for twenty five years. She said it was evil. She told us she used to see the dark figure of a man around the house and at night she heard strange noises and crying. She told me the artist committed suicide shortly after finishing it and that he had used his own blood mixed in with the oils. After she died we got the painting, it is currently in our basement. Shortly after we got the painting various members of the family started seeing the dark figure of a man. At night we began hearing noises and just recently we have heard crying and moaning. The painting is still in our house and although I never believed in the supernatural I am now convinced there is something evil about this painting.






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