Full details of our fees are available by email request only. Send an email with 'Fees' in the subject line to info@ghostfinder.co.uk but please give some detail as to why you are making the enquiry.

Why do you now charge a fee?

The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society previously carried out all private investigations free of charge. For over 5 years the GPS investigation team have spent thousands of pounds of their own money paying for petrol, accommodation and the upkeep of their equipment to investigate your claims of paranormal activity, hauntings, poltergeists, demonic possession, and a plethora of other alleged activity. However, recently the team find themselves in the position of being unable to continue offering this free service, as the rising cost of our expenses is becoming hard to cover without financial assistance. By charging a small fee, we are in a more positive position to help you by offering an even more professional paranormal investigation with the most advanced equipment and innovative approach to ghost hunting in the UK. Most importantly we are able to help more people that genuinely need our assistance. The GPS team currently receive dozens of calls and emails each week requesting advice, paranormal assessments or investigations. We would love to respond to all cases and queries as quickly as possible, but the cost is far too great. Charging a reasonable fee for our services will now allow the team to meet those costs and help even more people more of the time.

Other paranormal teams or groups in the UK still carry out investigations for free, so why use GPS?

We are considered the UK's leading 'professional' paranormal investigation team, not just because we have been on the TV, or featured in numerous documentaries and news articles worldwide, but because we are an experienced, professional, dedicated team of real ghosthunters that employ a no nonsense approach to paranormal investigation. Forget psychic led walkabouts and subjective Ouija board or table tipping experiments, The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society focus heavily on real tangible evidence and results, and endeavour to report all our findings to you in a professional and timely manner. Consider us as being the consultants of the paranormal world. If you need expert advice and help, contact the GPS 'The paranormal professionals'.


Don't you make enough money from running public events?

The answer is simply No we don't. We normally make enough money to pay for the location, and cover our expenses to host the event. Unlike the more commercial ghost hunting companies out there, GPS run just one event at one time on the same night only, so you will only ever get the best event delivered by the core GPS team, led by both GPS directors and lead investigators as seen on Living TV. If we ever make a profit from these ghost hunting events, we do in most cases re-invest it to improve our resources and help us pay for the best allegedly haunted locations for you to experience.


GPS must be rich from all that work on TV?

Sorry to disappoint you, but the GPS team were not paid for their contribution on Living TV. Being in the media spotlight, does not always mean you get paid or become rich overnight! Having said that, the team have been paid in the past for some of the exposure received on television by production companies that have featured them in documentaries over the years. This in no way means the team are still able to maintain a free investigation service.


I really can't afford to pay a fee but need professional paranormal help?

GPS are always prepared to assess each case individiually, and would not necessarily reject any case simply because money was an issue. If you can't afford to pay the fee, please let us know in advance and we may be able to make special considerations.

For further information, or to enquire about fees or our services, please contact us.

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