Barri Ghai officially established GPS in early 2006 having been an avid ghost hunter and paranormal enthusiast for many years. He first became interested in the existence of ghosts from a very early age after personally experiencing instances of paranormal activity. Barri set up the GPS team with the intention of helping more people understand and find answers to the paranormal by attempting to gather tangible evidence.


For any general or media enquiry please use the following email address and a member of the Lead Investigation team will respond to you shortly. To contact Barri directly please email or


Age: 39

Star Sign: Aquarius

Favourite Haunted Locations: Chilligham Castle, Hell-Fire Caves, Hatton Court Hotel

Interesting Facts: Black belt in Karate / Speaks fluent Spanish / Father of seven daughters

Favourite Kit: SLS Camera, Digital Voice Recorder, MEL-TIR


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Barri first became interested in the paranormal after personally experiencing some terrifying poltergeist phenomena as a young boy. Although many of his experiences were horrific and can only be described as demonic attacks, he still developed a keen interest for ghosts and the supernatural. As a teenager, Barri began his own research looking into famous hauntings and cases, and speaking to people about their own paranormal experiences. He eventually carried out his own investigations of local cemeteries and famous landmarks to try and document his experiences. During the course of his childhood, Barri reports to have seen at least four separate ghosts, and encountered something evil that has continued to make its occasional presence known to him and his family twenty years on.


During his last year at University, Barri witnessed a young female apparition in his bedroom, which he believes helped focus his interest further and ultimately led to plans to create The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society.


Since establishing The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society, Barri has experienced many things which he believes defiy logic and scientific rationale. His personal belief in ghosts, and other supernatural phenomena has fuelled his commitment to one day proving, through the use of science and technology, that ghosts do exist.


Barri regularly features on television, radio, and in magazines worldwide. He has appeared in many successful TV shows some of which include; Help! My House Is Haunted, Celebrity Haunted Hotel: Live, Celebrity Haunted Mansion: Live, My Ghost Story, Ghost Adventures, Weird or What with William Shatner, Paranormal Investigation: Live, Eggheads, Fuji TV, BT Sport, Travel Channel, 4 in a Bed, Horror Homes, This Morning, and Daybreak. Barri has also featured in Loaded magazine, Take a Break, Full House, The Sun, The Independent, Daly Mail, The Daily Star, Metro, Evening Standard, and in many more newspaper and online articles and shows over the past 10 years. He is considered one of the world's leading paranormal investigators and consultants.

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