Joined GPS: 2018


Age: 55

Star Sign: Aquarius

Favourite Haunted Locations: Ancient Ram Inn
Favourite Kit: SB7 Spirit Box

Favourite Food: Can't beat a full roast dinner

Favourite Film: Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code


Interesting Facts: I am a Licensed Radio Amateur, have also learnt Reiki to second degree, a keen fresh water fisherman and enjoy archery. I also collect supposedly haunted items such as portal mirrors, haunted dolls, Ouija boards, voodoo dolls, crystals, Memento mori, and Tarot cards the list goes on.


Why do I love the Paranormal: It has to be my all-time favourite pass-time seeking answers to where and what happens to our spirit when we pass over. It is one of those interests that the more you dig the more it pulls you in and sets you upon all sorts of different paths leaving more questions than answers.


Recording voices from the dead on a voice recorder or hearing the dead speak through a Spirit box such as the SB7 is simply amazing.


I have been lucky enough to have seen an apparition and had a spirit speak directly into my ear at the Ancient Ram Inn. Looking forward to more encounters.