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15th April 2011

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So what did we find at the Kelvedon Bunker?

The bunker is an extraordinary place, and It looks like something from an old war film. Once inside you can begin to imagine what government life would have been like if the cold war had escalated and entered a nuclear phase. The reports that the Kelvedon Nuclear Bunker is haunted, was the subject of our investigation. Each group carried out a vigil of each level of the complex hoping to uncover real evidence that the bunker is haunted. The GPS team used our ghost hunting tools to try and prove or disprove that ghosts roam these corridors and tunnels.


All groups identified some EMF increase within certain areas of the bunker, but we concluded that much of this was attributed to electrical appliances or junction box's fixed to the corridor walls and ceilings. However many members of the groups did experience K2 spikes in direct response to many of the questions asked by the team in just a few key areas.

The most intriguing evidence captured in real time during the investigation came from using our Ovilus. This machine was used in several areas with amazing results. In the medical wing it was previously reported by other groups and paranormal investigators that it houses a demonic entity. Almost immediately after beginning our vigil in this area, the Ovilus seemed to speak freely and indicated that we were communicating with a 'demon'. Listen to the following audio file - Ovilus - Demon (coming soon).

Throughout the course of the night, all groups had the opportunity to investigate this 'hot spot', and all groups reported some 'activity'. The groups experienced EMF fluctuations, bangs, dark shadows, and one public member and a GPS investigator became suddenly overcome with an inexplicable feeling of dizziness, heat, and nausea.


During the first vigil of the medical ward, GPS investigator Sheena Prew became disorientated and requested abruptly to leave the group. It was at this point that Ian Wilce captured a deep growl on a digital voice recorder. Was this a angry response to our question? EVP - Growl .

In other areas of the bunker all groups encountered another similar experience during their vigils. It was reported that dark figures or light anomalies were seen passing by the door windows of two of the sleeping quarters. Several people independently said that during their vigil session they saw a person walk passed the small glass panel in the door. At the time these vigils were carried out all members of all groups were apparently accounted for, so who was it walking around the bunker?



Lead Investigator Steve Meads, startles Toni Seale as she moves towards the medical wing with members of her group. This video gave us all a chuckle, but shook poor Toni's nerves for the rest of the night!


Here is video footage of the Ovilus being used in the medical wing, and the responses we encountered during the last vigil of the night. Various movements and personal experiences were felt and heard including what sounds to be a door opening and closing a few times. Whilst trying to determine the nature of the spiritual energy, the Ovilus clearly says DEMON....I...AM... Please also take note at around the 5:34 mark we have captured a whispered EVP on the video saying 'EVP - Close the door.'


Shortly after this vigil, Group 1 entered the bunks area and the Ovilus began to respond using words never before encountered during an investigation. One of the responses directed at Barri Ghai said, EVP - Murder....You......Okay.

Other personal experiences during the event included, dark figures being seen in rooms, human shadows blocking out light, and sudden blasts of cold air felt in warmer areas.

During a short vigil of the basement level, Group 1 leader Ian Wilce described seeing a blackness envelop one of the rooms through his camera viewfinder. Video Footage Coming Soon

This was also visible to a few other members of the group at the time. Ian explained that part of the room got visibly darker, and then lighter which was astonishing as we were all underground and all lights were switched off!. A brave member of the group, Peter M, moved into this area to see what he could experience. He reported feeling a tingling sensation, and felt uneasey as he stood in the room.

One possible explanation for this experience is the rods and cones (the light-sensitive cells in the retina of the eye) are not refreshing themselves as you stare at the dark intently. If they are forced to receive the same identical image over time, these cells get tired of firing, and the image being received appears to get darker, and darker until you move your eyes and let them readjust to the changes in light. In the normal course of everyday life, you move your eyes at least every second, and sometimes more often than that.

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