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Whilst Bongo, sat quietly at the top of the stairs, raising and lowering her vibrations to link in with the energy, Robb and I discussed with the client the experiences she has had. It was during this time that we continued taking EMF readings and looked for more plausible and normal explanations for these experiences.

The client recounted the experience where she came out of the shower and found the two dining room chairs upturned on the table, similar to that in a restaurant at the end of a night. This frightened her tremendously as she was completely alone on the house.

Robb and I tried hard to think about it rationally, but could not offer a logical explanation for this. How did two solid wooden chairs reposition themselves on top of the table on their own?

EMF tests revealed no significant variations around the table are and we placed a K2 meter on top of it, in the hope that during our discussions it may offer some intelligent and visual confirmation that there was indeed a spirit present.

Bongo had now come down stairs and re-joined us. She wanted to discuss things with me in private in the first instance and so we ventured into the back garden through the kitchen. Bongo began to explain to me that she had linked in with a young man at the property who had been killed. This gentleman, was very confused and more importantly not associated with the property, but the client. Bongo continued to explain that the man may have been a former boyfriend of the client and refused to leave her. He considered her his property and was actually threatened by my presence and Robb's.

At this point the client came outside to join us and Bongo imparted this information to her also. The client was alarmed, but strangely not shocked by these revelations. She was able to explain the link and knew immediately who this man was. The client had been seeing this man for just a few weeks before he was brutelly murdered. The last thing she remembers him saying to her before his untimely death was that he would pick her up after work that day.

Although the relationship was mild and their time together short, the male spirit somehow latched himself on to the client and refused to leave her. The experiences she has had may therefore have been down to him trying hard to get her attention, (confirmed by the EVP captured by the client).

The client was surprised and so was I to some extent, even though I had seen the image of a fairly young man standing in the doorway as I entered the property.

We agreed that this was indeed the energy in the home and unlike a classic haunting of a property or object, this case proves that a person can be haunted by a spiritual energy.

Now I had confirmation of the spirit we were dealing with, I decided to hold a final vigil in an attempt to bring him out so Bongo can help him to cross over or simply leave the client alone.

We attempted to call out again using our detectors to give us a signal of his presence. We asked several questions to illicit a response, but received little activity. Around 20 minutes into the session, I asked for some distinct noises that would confirm the spirit was indeed there and willing to communicate. It was at this point that we all heard a clear snapping sound coming from the top of the stairs. To ensure this was not caused by natural causes or just a random sound, I asked for it to be repeated. It was not, and several minutes went by without event. However, the snapping sound randomly returned later and we were still unable to pin point exactly what it was or where exactly it had originated from.

It was now around 12:00 a.m. and Bongo felt that it was time for her to try and ask the spirit to leave and move him on. She called out and recited a prayer, along with her normal words and blessings. During this time, I had a digital voice recorder capturing any possible EVP's. It was during the playback of this sound file that I heard what can only be described as static energy recorded at the exact time Bongo was cleansing the house.

Sound file - Static

Was this interference a sign that the spirit had left us? Following this, Bongo took the client and wandered the rest of the home, blessing each room together. When they finally re-joined us in the living room, there was a noticeable difference in the atmosphere. It was like a vale had been lifted and we could all see clearly and feel less anxious about things. It was a very strange feeling, and could not be attributed to anything physical. It appeared that the blessing and spiritual cleansing had indeed worked. We all spent several minutes commenting on how different the whole house felt and the client was noticeably relieved and happy.


The investigation was over, and we bid our client and new friend farewell. The three of us, left her home satisfied in the knowledge that the client would be happier, and free from any paranormal occurrences or future disturbances. Bongo had done an amazing job as usual, and in this case it was not just information and guidance imparted to the client, but a sense of reassurance that she could now move forward in her life with a new found empowerment.

A few weeks later, I contacted the client to make sure things were still this way, and I am pleased to say that she has reported no further incidents of paranormal activity or feelings of uneasiness in her home. The client has also taken several positive steps forward in her life and made some important changes for the better.


Case Staus: Closed

"It was a very strange feeling, and could not be attributed to anything physical".



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