The Walthamstow Haunting


Date: 6th May 2011
Time: 8:00 pm - 2.00 am
Investigation Team:
Barri Ghai (Lead Investigator)
Bongo (Spiritualist Medium)
Robbie Leach (Investigator)

A 2 bedroom terrace house situated in a private street in Walthamstow, East London. The building is home to 1 adult and 2 children.

Report By: Barri Ghai

Case Notes

The client had reported that the alleged activity begun around 7 years ago when her son was aged 2. The client reported being in bed with her son laying beside her. She recalls being 8 months pregnat with her dasughter at the time and her son sat up abruptly and pointed at the all and said 'lady'. The client felt an immediate fear, and did not want to look, but after several seconds galnced to towards the wall. but saw nothing. She asked her son where the lady went, and he looked at the bedroom door and said 'lady gone'.

"When my daughter turned 2 she was in my kitchen doorway and I was in the kitchen cooking, she pointed behind me and said 'Lady'.. I turned around to see nothing there. A short while later the children were eating their dinner at the table, and I calmly asked my daughter where the lady was now, and she looked into the kitchen and said lady gone"

Prior to this experience, the client reports being early pregnant and experienceing severe morning sickness. Whilst hospitalised for third time, she remembers saying to her mother that the sickness was down to the 'house'. She stated that every time she went back home the sickness started up badly again but wheb she as at the hospital or at someone else's house she was always fine.

The client also reported that a friend had been staying with her for a few days, and was sleeping on the living room floor when he claims to have seen the outline of an elderly woman standing in the kitchen doorway.

Footsteps and strange breaths have been heard by the client and her immediate family, and she claims to have seen a child in the upstairs bedroom, when her two children were at school.

Reports of objects being moved in the home, and more recently two dining room chairs were mysteriously overtunrned on the dinning room table whilst she was alone in the house.

The client had previously contacted another paranormal investigation team, but apparently they only made things worse. She also called in a priest and 3 different psychics to help her, but each time the activity continued and the information received by these people differed massivley. She was informed that she had a man hanging in her front room and that there was a body buried in her back garden.

Taking the matter into her own hands, the client begun to make her own EVP recordings using her Blackberry smartphone. She recently recorded her cat purring beside her on her bed along with a male voice that can clearly be heard to say, 'Woah look at you'. The client was alone and her children asleep in their beds.


Upon arriving at the location the team was warmly met by the client, and her friend. As soon as we gained entry to the property and entered the living area Bongo remained quiet as she had already picked up on a presence in the house. I 'Barri' do not claim to be psychic, but I admit that I also felt a spiritual presence and could see in my head, a man wearing blue jeans and dark blue top standing looking intently at me from the kitchen doorway. This was extremily surreal and completely unexpected. Had I seen a ghost, or was this image caused by me and my own psychie. I was sure I had seen something, but not with my eyes. It was like I had a memory of a photo I had seen before.

Anyway, without divulging this informtion to the client or her friend, we introduced ourselves properly, briefed them about our intentions, and sat down to a nice cup of tea before commencing the investigation. This gave us adequate time to interview the client properly and look at the case objectively.

After around half an hour, We grabbed some EMF detectors, a K2 Meter, Laser thermometer and voice recorder to sweep the property and gather some base readings for control purposes.


Location EMF Range Temperature
Living Room 1mG - 6mG 21C
Dining Area 1mG 21C
Stairwell 1mG 21C
Kitchen 1mG - 20+mG 20C


There were no major EMF anomalies detected in the kitchen, but as expected various appliances were found to give off massive EMF fields when on or in use, but they were not constant and their EMF range was short. Whilst sweeping the living area however, Investigator Robb Leech received a strange series of spikes using the Gauss Master. It suddenly went crazy for several seconds as he stood still in the middle of the floor. There were no apperant logical explanations except for maybe a passing vehicle or mobile phone in the vacinity. 'Note' all mobile devices were switched off at this point, however, passing pedestrians at the front of the house may well have caused this fluctuation.

High EMF's were ruled out at this stage as being a possible cause or contributary factor for the alleged disturbances. The room temperature was stable and there were no unusual property features that would contribute to the clients feeling of uneasiness or reports of paranormal activity.

The flat is however located fairly near to main roads which are a major intersection between the City and East London. One possible explanation for the activity at the clients’ home may be caused by the build up of infrasound created by passing traffic in the area, but this would have to mean that hundreds of other people may be experiencing these same effects too, and I am now fairly sure that this is probably not the case.

At around 10pm, we all gathered in the front room with the lights switched off and all alectrical appliances isolated. I began to call out and ask if there were any spirits present in the home to come forward and make themselves known to us by giving us a definative sign of their presence.

There was a K2 Meter and Gauss Master placed on the mantlepiece and Bongo's LED fitted Trifield Meter was positioned in the middle of the room along with a digital voice recorder. During this EVP session, we did experience some activity on the Trifiel and K2 meters, where the lights did fluctuate indicating a change in the electromagnetic field.

At one point during the vigil, we bacame aware of a presence stood on the top of the stairs looking down at us in the room. There was a figure clearly stood there, and for a moment we all stared mezmorised by the vision. However, after several seconds I moved towards the foot of the stairs and looked up into the dark more intently. The 'apparition' was just a panel of light eminating from the landing window. Strangely this optical illusion had been immediately perceived by all of us as a ghost. We all nervously laughed it off and it was an excellent opportunty to break and re-focusthe investigation.


During the next hour or so, Bongo wanted to spend time trying to make a psychic connection with whatever was laying domant in the family home. She was sure as was I that there was indeed a spiritual energy in the house, and she said that 'he' was evading her and quite upset at our presence and persistant questioning.

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"There was a figure clearly stood there, and for a moment we all stared mezmorised by the vision".



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